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"We have designed this jewelry website to be quick loading and easy to navigate. Our business is selling wholesale silver jewelry not trying to create the best looking web site. Saving time is important to wholesale buyers. We hope we have accomplished this.  All of the information you need to order our silver jewelry can be found in the front pages of this website. 

Although you can have a quick preview of our jewelry products by clicking on the "Jewelry Preview" link found on the right of the page the best way to view all of our products is click on the "STORE" link. You don't need to create an account to view all of our silver jewelry in our shopping cart. In order to purchase wholesale silver jewelry you will need to register. Until you do prices will not be shown. "

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KBC Silver has been working with KBC Bali for almost a decade now as the only official distributor in the United States of wholesale silver jewelry produced by PT. Kawan Baik of Bali, Indonesia.

Our products consist of silver rings, silver earrings, silver pendants, silver bracelets, silver necklaces, silver beads, silver toe rings and other silver jewelry components. We have also recently added a collection of bronze beads as an economical alternative to silver.

All of our silver jewelry is 100% guaranteed sterling silver. Sterling silver is legally defined as 92.5% pure silver and the remainder copper or another copper based alloy. Our sterling silver uses one of the best anti tarnish copper based alloys on the market today. This alloy contains no lead, nickel or any other dangerous metals. There are no metals in our silver jewelry that cause allergic reactions.

Exclusive Designs

We design all of our own silver jewelry at our factory in Bali, Indonesia. Although we produce our silver jewelry in Bali, we have our own exclusive style of designing which is quite different from the normal Balinese ethnic sterling silver jewelry found in the jewelry market today.

Bali, Indonesia has been known for its wholesale silver jewelry producers and other fine arts and crafts for over half a century. For decades Bali has been a major source of sterling silver jewelry for smaller jewelry wholesalers and retail outlets. In recent years many of the silver jewelry producers in Bali have moved to casting as a way to enable the production of silver jewelry in larger quantities. This makes it possible for larger jewelry wholesalers to do their production here and get more consistent and timely results.

Jewelry Casting

We utilize top of the line casting equipment to produce our sterling silver jewelry. The two most common problems in both cast and handmade Sterling silver jewelry are fire scale and porosity. Our silver jewelry is vacuum cast in a neutral gas environment which helps eliminate both of these problems. Using hi-tech casting equipment gives us the quality and consistency to provide our customers with a product that keeps their customers satisfied. Not to mention the quick production times! Even if we are out of stock on an item we can produce it in a matter of just a few days eliminating back orders.

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silver rings
wholesale silver earrings
silver earrings
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silver pendants
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silver necklaces
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silver bracelets
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